Compatibility can take many shapes and forms, but it’s very important that at least one of those forms takes shape for a good relationship/marriage.
Anyone who’s been in a relationship for more than five years knows that even the strongest relationship can have its ups and downs. During some of the “downs” that the two partners have experienced together, you or your partner may have wondered:

Did I choose the right person? Can I spend the next 20 years with him/her?
Then, for whatever reason, it passes and you feel you love and appreciate your partner (girl friend/boy friend/wife/husband) for more than ever and the two of you are a perfect fit until the next downturn.

All relationships require care, selflessness, accommodation, deliberateness and real commitment.
However, one cannot overestimate the importance of compatibility and the right attitude. Compatibility is a very complex concept, which is at the heart of Cupid Personality. There is no simplistic way to define it, accept that we all know when it is there.

At Cupid Personality – Singles website free dating, we provide a way and means to know the most compatible person for you via a COMPATIBILITY TEST.

The Compatibility Test reveals the personality traits of a partner (girl friend/boy friend/wife/husband) which are most compatible with you.

Our Cupid Compatibility test can often help you to rationalize the relationship by pinpointing specific areas that are essential components of making a perfect harmony. It can also be a useful tool in improvising the compatibility by focusing on a few aspects.

How It Works?

Cupid Personality is one of the best online free dating website where you meet compatible partners. Here we ensure that the Compatibility Test provides the best partner to you. The best online free dating site for singles, divorced, and people looking for second marriage.

Step 1: Take Partner Compatibility Test 1/2/3/4
Step 2: Provide your Contact details
Step 3: View the Test results – its FREE.
Step 4: Analyze your Compatible Partner’s Personality and view the list of Compatible Partners
Step 5: Buy Contact details to talk to your most compatible partner.

It’s simple and easy!

Success Story

Before sharing my experience I must congratulate Mr. santosh for proliferating this innovative strategy for match making. Further, we must understand that possibilities vary from friendship, to serious relationship and even marriage. Some aspects of your personality, of which we are aware of, shall be thrown open in front of you by the testing software. Another dimension which may detest us from taking the test may be the payment issue. But I shall suggest that its worth experimenting; in any case guys spend much more amount as cover charges to discotheques and many a times without results! My personal experience suggests that the profiles of the girls enrolled are authentic as I had response from all the three gals which showed high compatibility with me. Further, I wish success to Mr. santosh for his innovative endeavour with myriad possibilities.-DIVEY SETHI (

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